30 days of accomplishments!

While the summer is often a sluggish time for many in small business, there is still business to be worked on as many continue to slowly add capital equipment for to fuel their growth.  I wanted to share a few of the transactions I have closed in the past thirty days to show how varied the companies are that we work with (part of what I love about this job….always working with someone new and learning about their industry):

  • $21,909 in merchandising units for expanding produce market in Alabama (gulf area)
  • $89,800 in x-ray equipment for expanding chiropractic clinic in Colorado (two units for two new locations)
  • $6,655 in refrigeration units for a bar remodeling in California
  • $9,869 in conference room furniture for small law firm in Colorado
  • $17,182 in food prep equipment for wholesale sandwich manufacturer in Colorado
  • $30,000 in kitchen equipment and smallwares for expanding neighborhood restaurant’s second location in California
  • $5,305 for replacement POS in coffee shop in California

Each deal came to us through one of our vendor partners or is a repeat customer.  We are proud of our strong vendor partnerships and our ability to retain customers.

Although summer is historically a little slow, we also know that we typically see a nice increase in business applications through the last four months of the year and we are excited for that push once again this year.

-skip wehner | linkedin.com/in/skipwehner


What aggravates an otherwise easy-going guy?

Most who know me know that I don’t get too rattled about many things. I am good in “crisis” situations and can usually think my way out of them fairly effectively. I also have my core group of friends that I like to socialize with, but I can typically get along with most personality’s and in many situations. At the end of the day, I think most would see me as a pretty tolerant, flexible, and easy-going person.

The last couple years, however, there is one thing that will always get me ramped up!  It’s a phrase that I continue to hear over and over again. It’s talked about in commercials.   Politicians can’t stop saying it.  With most people I know, it just “plops” right out of their mouths in any number conversations. It’s said so often, I don’t think people even really think about what the meaning of it is…..it’s just the thing to say.  So what aggravates a very mellow and typically easy-going guy?

…..especially in this economy…..

When things started falling apart several years ago, this became the easy phrase to use that would sum it all up, and it just happens to be one of those sayings that gets me, well…..aggravated. I don’t know if it’s because my industry (and therefore me personally) has been so affected by the last four years or because it’s such a catch all phrase like “and stuff” and “and things” that makes it such an irritant, but whatever it is, I don’t like it.

I can’t stop the phrase from being uttered, and I don’t let it consume me (as much as it probably sounds like it does in this blog), but as someone who works with small business each and every day to help finance their equipment needs, I see successful business people all day long who don’t subscribe to the “economy” phrase and continue to find ways to bring value to their customers and support their employees and families along the way!

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

I’m proud and happy to work with the small businesses out there that are not afraid to try something new, add new equipment, hire new staff and push forward, especially in this economy!

-skip wehner | linkedin.com/in/skipwehner

New Business….up, up, and away!

We are seeing an increase in the number of new business applications we see this year. Are you working with new businesses?

We are just over halfway through 2012. Since we primarily work with small business, I feel we have a pretty good pulse on where business is headed; at least in term of small business.

When I look at just my production, I am amazed at how many new business’ we are looking at. I don’t track the specifics, but I would say that well over 50% of what I’m seeing are applications for new business. Most of the applicants are looking for $10,000 to $25,000 in income producing equipment, although I have funded some transactions in excess of $50,000 (start-ups). When I say “start-up,” I generally define those as businesses under two years time in business.

I’m not sure whether all these start-ups are a sign of the economy continuing to turn around or if it’s primarily made up of a population of people who are just plain sick and tired of “working for the man” and finally decided to do something about it. Either way, I’m happy to help these customers realize their dreams and go into business on their own.

-skip wehner | linkedin.com/in/skipwehner

Not perfect, but getting better!

Just recently returned from an annual trade show for those in the small business lending market.

I just wanted to make a quick post and report to everyone that attitudes continue to be positive and we are starting to see new lenders and new programs emerging.

This is exciting to see as it has been several years since anything innovative has been introduced not to mention actually seeing “new money” enter the market.

This certainly doesn’t mean that the lending world is back with all cylinders firing, but it is certainly a step in that direction!

-skip wehner |  linkedin.com/in/skipwehner

A Thaw in February? Yes!


With almost two months completed for 2012 already, I thought it would be appropriate to update the ol’ Blog.

While the last few years have definitely been challenging for those of us in the field of commercial finance, it has been every bit as challenging for those looking for commercial finance…..particularly those in the small business segment.  Those of us who were able to hang on the last few years….we have survived long enough to (ever so slightly) see the credit markets begin to thaw!

Application count has been strong for January and February.  We are seeing start-ups and expansions across many of the industries we serve.

While the credit requirements for those applying for approval continues to be more discerning than in the past, creditors are slowly starting to let the credit pendulum swing back more in line with what is realistic.  No longer to you have to have immaculate credit to be approved!  We are starting to see approvals for applicants with doses of “realism” on their credit bureaus!  A periodic slow payment is no longer an immediate decline…..creditors are slowing becoming “human” again!

Everyone’s situation is different, but credit is being extended more than in the past three years, so if you are in need of new equipment, looking to expand, etc., you may find it a good time to take a run at doing just that!

-skip wehner |  linkedin.com/in/skipwehner

2012, or just another day?

It’s already January 12, 2012 (happy birthday to my youngest brother by the way).  So many of us get excited to “start the new year” at this time of year.

As an individual, I love the start of a new year and the “freshness” it brings.  As a small business owner and one who works with small businesses every day, it really feels like “just the next day.”

I don’t mean to sound nonchalant about the new year, but realistically, small business owners don’t have much time to “take off” and relax.  Most of us don’t feel we can “coast” through the holiday season.  We work each day, all day to grow our business and be here to open the door the next day!

I love what I do and I love working with small business.  I’m excited for 2012 and even more excited for tomorrow (or maybe it should be today since I’m writing this at 8am and I still have the whole day in front of me!

-skip wehner |  linkedin.com/in/skipwehner

Thank you

I’m sitting here in a favorite coffee shop of mine on Tuesday morning after just dropping my daughter off at school. It is already nearly the end of this holiday shortened week.

It has been a couple months since I have written a blog post and so much has transpired with our business since the last post. I will catch everyone up on the exciting news in a future post, but for now, I just feel like saying thank you to those I work with and who make my job possible.

Thanks to our vendor partners.
Thanks to our funding partners.
Thanks to our customers.
Thanks to our staff.

Have a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful start to the holiday season.

-skip wehner |  linkedin.com/in/skipwehner

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